A city of stone, a city of light, a city of culture, Dubrovnik is a simply unique city or a uniquely simple city.

It might seem to the first time visitor that Dubrovnik is floating on the turquoise Adriatic Sea, the terracotta roofs bobbing up and down with the swell. This historic walled city is a European gem and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979. A beautiful and proud city, Dubrovnik has had a rich and interesting history, from the times of being a Republic to the Renaissance, Baroque and Napoleonic eras, and all have left their mark on the architecture of the walled city. The Mediterranean way of life creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, in other words uniquely simple.

Modern day Dubrovnik is firmly placed on the world’s tourism map and every year more and more tourists discover the destination. Whether you’re looking for an active break or just dozing off on the beach, Dubrovnik has it all. From the majestic architecture in the historic core to the green oasis on the island of Lokrum, the city has a spectrum of possibilities. Not suprisingly, the diving community has discovered Dubrovnik over the last few years and their interest in scuba diving breaks in the clear and tranquil Adriatic Sea has been on the increase.

Dubrovnik - Hard stone with a warm heart

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