GUWAA - Dubrovnik Eco 2013

GUWAA - DUBROVNIK ECO 2013 Ecological action for cleaning underwater of island Lokrum On the Day of Croatian waters, May 11th 2013, ecological action for cleaning the underwater of island Lokrum takes place. Participants in this action are Blue Planet Diving Center, Dubrovnik firemen, two ecological associations: Eko Omblici and Mala Sirena, and two youth associations: Libero Mokosi and Mlade nade Mokosice. The action is organized by international ecological association GUWAA (Global underwater awareness association), founded with the mission of protecting and preserving waters of the world. Partners of Guwaa association are prince Albert of Monaco, Bernie Ecclestone and Bianca Jagger. In Croatia, action is led by famous diver Kristijan Curavic. Cleaning of the underwater begins at cape Bila Sika, through Portoc bay to cape Skrinja. In case cleaning is finished quickly, the action will cover Podbor bay on the south side of Lokrum. If there is enough time, action will spread on bay Gornja Bocina on southwest of the island. Program of ecological action: 8.00 – assembling of scuba divers in Blue Planet Diving Center 8.30 – speedboats with divers leave from Dubrovnik Palace Hotel 9.00 – assembling of divers, firemen, members of ecological associations and youth associations and employees of Lokrum Rezervat in Portoc bay 9.30 – 10.00 – the speedboat is available for transportation of participants of the action from city port 10.00 – divers throughout Croatia jump into water at the same time and action begins 10.00 – 13.00 – cleaning of large and small garbage from the sea 13.00 – 13.30 – interview with mayor of Dubrovnik and divers, photo session with reporters and the garbage extracted from the sea 14.00 – relaxing, food and drinks All scuba divers participating in ecological action have free equipment and transport from Blue Planet Diving Center to island Lokrum. If you want to participate in action, please, call phone number of Blue Planet Diving Center 091 899 0973 till Friday, 10.5. 2013., 2.00 pm.
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