Bezdan (cave, wreck, lake)

Located on the southern shore of the Kolocep Island, Cape Bezdan diving site offers both shallows and sheer drops into the abyss. The diving site features the remains of the two-mast coaster The Aurora found at a depth of only 16 to 19 metres. The Bezdan point has a variety of animal life including lobsters, sea figs and sea snails. It is an extremely interesting dive with a host of caves, inlets and underwater reefs. The Bezdan Blue Cave is recognised by divers as one of the most magnificent with the abyss dropping down to almost 60 metres.


Your diving experience in Cape Bezdan begins in a glorious cove on the Kolocep island, directly beneath the lighthouse. We drop anchor below the lighthouse and there is even a small lake on the cape that can’t be seen from the shore. Your scuba dive starts with a journey along the underwater reef on the inner side of the cape and you will be stunned by the coral and sea life. The dive continues, with depths of up to 10 metres, until we arrive at the entrance to a 10 metre wide cave and then finally the shipwreck The Aurora with its remnants scattered over the sea bed.


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Difficulty: all categories

Depth: 0 - 40m

Boat ride: 25 min

Duration of the excursion: 10.00-12.30 or 14.30-17.00

Visibility: very good

Currents: none

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