Grebeni špilja (cave, reef)

The Grebeni Islands are a stone’s throw from diving center Blue Planet and, luckily for us, one of the most interesting diving sites in the region. A great diving site for advanced and novice scuba divers, the Grebeni Islands hold many treasures under the surface. A narrow underwater passage surprises and delights divers. As you drop below the surface of the Adriatic Sea, you’ll find yourself close to a narrow tunnel that leads to the open sea. The sunlight that shines brightly down through the crystal clear waters offers stunning camera opportunities. Divers with more experience can dive through a smaller underwater tunnel with a much smaller opening that leads to the shallows. During your scuba dive experience you’ll be bombarded with marine life including octopus, moray eels, sea bream, scorpion fish and gurnards.  

Plan your Grebeni dive

Difficulty:  from novice to advanced divers

Depth: 3-40 m

Boat ride: 1 minute :-)

Duration of excursion: 10.00-12.30 or 14.30-17.00

Visibility: very good

Currents: no

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