Lokrum (cave, lake)

The Lokrum island is situated almost within a stone’s throw of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik and is a green oasis. But a green oasis with a surprise. Under the foreboding cliffs on the eastern side of the island a semi-submerged tunnel opens and conceals the entrance to the lake inside the island called The Dead Sea. As the waves roll into the tunnel, the sounds of the sea echo around you as you swim and dive through the 20 metre long tunnel.

There are many legends surrounding the Lokrum island and unfortunate death befell many of its owners throughout the centuries. Lokrum’s Dead Sea is the focal point of these legends and when you see the eerie entrance, you’ll understand why. Your scuba dive starts when we anchor at the tunnel’s entrance and, even though the Dead Sea is devoid of any underwater life, hence the name, as you dive through the cave and tunnel,  you will be greeted by crabs, bream and a rich diversity of underwater fauna.

Plan your Lokrum dive

Difficulty:  from novice to advanced divers

Depth: 3-30 m

Boat ride: 15 minute

Duration of excursion: 10.00-12.30 or 14.30-17.00

Visibility: good

Currents: no

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