Maros Cave (cave, house reef)

This diving site is named after a research-minded dive master Maro Mitrović who has explored the underwater world in front of diving center Blue Planet for many years. The cave is located between the islands and reefs off the coast on which diving center Blue Planet is located.

Description of the dive

The dive begins on the beach in front of diving center Blue Planet and continues southwest at a depth of 15 metres. We continue for approximately 15 minutes following the configuration of the ground at a depth of 40 - 50 metres. When the entrance to the cave is located, we dive from 15 metres to 35 metres. The cave entrance is narrow and divers can only enter one at a time. The first part of the cave is very dark and you’ll need a lamp. When you turn to the left, you’ll see a breathtaking view of the big opening – the cave exit at a depth of 40 metres.

What is there to see?

In the cave you can see a large number of red coral and endangered endemic species: trirona snail, giant snails, snails with long spines, Green wrasse fish, starfish, etc. The cave is home to the common species of the southern Adriatic marine life such as lobster, moray eel and octopus. At the cave exit divers sometimes experience the rare privilege of meeting the loggerhead sea turtle, groupers and large specimens of squid that come out of the dark depths to see who has disrupted their peace. At a depth of 47 meters in front of the exit a large anchor from the 18th century can be seen overgrown into a rock. You can often see the remains of ancient amphorae because this site is situated on the way to a sheltered bay where ancient ships most likely anchored to protect themselves from the strong southerly winds.

Plan your Maros Cave dive

Difficulty:  from novice to advanced divers

Depth: 3-40 m

Boat ride: no

Duration of excursion: 10.00-12.30 or 14.30-17.00

Visibility: good

Currents: no


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