Sv. Andrija (caves, wall)

Sv. Andrija, an island in the Elaphite archipelago, lies in the Croatian Adriatic near the Lopud island. The island has served as a lighthouse since 1874 and has warned mariners of the dangers for centuries. Your Blue Planet diving experience will start in the shallows on the sheltered side of the island at a 3m depth. However, very soon it gets much, much deeper with a cliff dropping down into the dark blue Adriatic to depths of 80 metres. Sv. Andrija has gained a reputation as a unique location with almost still waters and a glorious seabed. As you drop down through the stillness, you'll come across a cave at around 12 m depth, which is inhabited by pink algae and sea slugs. During the colourful descent you'll encounter damselfish, groupers and schools of triple fins, the abundance of marine life is mindboggling. Your scuba dive will continue to an underwater wall and down to one of the rarest sights nowadays, the red coral. Unfortunately, it is increasingly rare, but divers at the Sv. Andrija Island can see the red coral hiding in the shadows amongst the sparkling sea life.


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Difficulty:  advanced divers only

Depth: 3-80 m

Boat ride: 35 minutes

Duration of excursion: 9.30-13.00 or 14.00-17.30

Visibility: great

Currents: None

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