Wreck Taranto (wreck, cave)

Just a short ten minute boat ride from diving center Blue Planet lies the shipwreck Taranto. This merchant vessel was built in 1899 and used by the Italian navy throughout World War II as a transport ship. On 15 February 1943, whilst carrying flour and tractors to Dubrovnik, the Taranto struck an underwater mine and ran into the Grebeni islands and sank. In fact, two tractors can still be seen on the seabed as testimony to the cargo of this ill-fated journey. At a depth of only 10 metres you’ll come across the ship’s bow and as the Taranto now sits at a 45 degree angle, the dive will take you down towards the ship’s steam engine. The stern is located at a depth of 40 metres while a part of the stern is another 12 metres deeper on the seabed.

The Taranto is now an ideal home for many underwater species and during our scuba dive you’ll discover schools of mullets, cardinal fish, scorpion fish, lobsters and octopus amongst sponges and underwater fauna. If you feel the need to use the toilet, at a depth of 35 metres you can find the remains of the crew’s toilet, probably out of order. 


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Difficulty:  advanced divers only

Depth: 23-52 m

Boat ride: 1 minute :-)

Duration of excursion: 10.00-12.30 or 14.00-17.00

Visibility: good

Currents: None



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